Climate of Yuanyang

Yuanyang lies at an altitude ranging from 144 along the Red River up to nearly 2939.6 meters above sea level in the Ailao Mountains. The climate of Yuanyang is mainly central sub-tropical monsoon with wet summers and dry winters. Average temperatures range from 26 ℃ down in the Red river valley to 3.7 ℃ in the upper reaches of the mountains. The average amount of precipitation ranges from 1189.1mm down to 665.7mm in a year.   

yuanyang qingkou rice terraces

The temperature of Yuanyang is cooler in the morning and at night, and the sun is very strong at noon. You should pay attention to sun protection. Moreover, T-shirts and shorts can be worn all the year round, but you are advised to take a jacket. The scenery of the rice terraces in Yuanyang is at its best from November to the following April because these months enjoy a good weather and the rice terraces are flooded, they are great for photographing.

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